The Urban Centers Speak

cascos urbanos

The Urban Centers Speak is a television series co-produced by the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities and the Ana G. Méndez University System TV. This project, in particular, is a special reproduction of the series.

The series promotes awareness of historical and cultural information related to the culture and the preservation of the heritage of the towns of Puerto Rico. The viewer can feel pride in his native land, learn about the preservation of architectural structures and understand the relevance of the cultural work done within them.

Among the structures shown in the audiovisual documentary are town plazas, city halls, churches and temples, theaters and cinemas, firehouses, and both stately homes and modest residences. Information is also included on gastronomy, customs and local celebrations.

The urban centers are spaces where the men and women who forge our identity as a people and define our culture in all its forms are forged. Many of them have been the hometowns of and have witnessed the work of the poets, intellectuals, politicians, writers, playwrights, historians, doctors, architects, engineers and teachers who have contributed so much to the socio-economic development and formation of Puerto Rico.

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