Tertulia in the City


Tertulia in the City is the Endowment’s new television program. It takes a different perspective and provides a deeper look at the projects sponsored by our entity. This season will begin with five programs on the publications Rodón’s Muñoz, San Juan of Puerto Rico (The Walls of San Juan), and Reflections on the History of Puerto Rico. It will also include the documentaries 15 Lighthouses of Puerto Rico and Luz in Latin America. The program benefits from interviews with various experts directly involved in the projects or the topics presented. Unlike previous occasions, this is the first time the program is recorded outside the studio, allowing the viewer to learn about the topic at its site of origin, whether that is a museum, a lighthouse or from the walled city. Michelle Miró is the producer of the program and Mariana Irene Monclova will participate as the host.

In the past, the Endowment has created other television programs with various formats, such as From the Trunk (2003-2006), broadcast on WIPR (Channel 6) and Cultural Mosaic (2012) on System TV Channel 40. Tertulia in the City was broadcast on five consecutive Wednesday at 8:00pm beginning May 3, 2017 and will be repeated throughout the year.

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