Sabana Grande, Architectural Cultural Route

SAbana Grande

Sabana Grande, Architectural Cultural Route, is a publication of the Dr. Manuel Quevedo Báez Cultural Center sponsored by the Endowment. It was produced to celebrate the bicentennial of the founding of the town of Sabana Grande. Its purpose is to describe a route that features historical buildings, sites of interest, and the customs and traditions of Sabana Grande.

The publication, which serves as a tourism guide, shows structures that have marked the development of Sabana Grande’s architectural heritage. Thirty-five structures are described, most of them in the urban center of the town. Each structure is presented with a photo and a brief description that includes historical facts, an architectural description, the building’s current use and unusual facts. Additionally, the guide includes a map with a legend that identifies the route to follow and sites of interest for visitors. Some of the structures presented are: the Adalberto Rodríguez “Machuchal” Theater, the San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza Parish, the Ivonne Quiñones house (former Emilio García house), José A. Busigó Acevedo Plaza, the Batatero Train water tower, the Masonic Cemetery of Sabana Grande and the Quilichini Estate (former San Francisco Estate).

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