Outstanding Humanists

Humanistas destacados

Outstanding Humanists is a production of Sistema TV/Channel 40, the Ana G. Méndez University System Channel, sponsored by the Endowment. It consists of 38 educational segments dedicated to highlighting the lives and work of a series of outstanding people in the humanities disciplines. The segments include a brief biography, photos, reviews of their work and their contributions to Puerto Rican society. The persons presented have been recipients of the Endowment’s Humanist of the Year award.

The segments include personalities of such stature as Concha Meléndez, Enrique Laguerre, Luis Rafael Sánchez, Antonio Martorell, José Ferrer Canales, María de los Ángeles Castro, Ricardo Alegría, Isabel Gutiérrez and Flavia Lugo Espiñeiro, among others. Flavia García and Luzzie Muñiz were in charge of the production and narrator Michael Santana lends his voice to each work. Dr. César Rey says the project “tries to rescue the stories of great women and men who have contributed to our nation, in particular to the enrichment of our culture and collective identity. They are important Puerto Rican humanists, with holistic preparation and very significant intellectual weight who, in times such as these, should be reaffirmed because Puerto Ricans of this quality revive the optimism and hope of knowing that Puerto Rico is valuable for its people and with its people.” 

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