Julia, Heart of a Poet

Version internet Julia de burgos portada

Julia, Heart of a Poet, is the second book in the collection The Super Giants, a project of the Autonomous Municipality of Carolina aimed at children and youths. The collection in general consists of a series of books about famous people who have left great contributions to the history of Carolina and Puerto Rico. The purpose is to provide tools to promote reading, research, critical thought and values among children. Additionally, this project promotes identity as a people through children’s stories.

The first publication in the collection was about Felipe Birriel, the Giant of Carolina. In this case, with the goal of contributing to an appreciation of reading among females, the person chosen is Julia de Burgos. Both books were written by Wanda de Jesús Arvelo and illustrated by Mrinali Álvarez Astacio.

The main objectives of the project are: to promote reading among children and in the family, facilitate the development of skills for better academic achievement by children, promote unity, family values and our history. (Text extracted in part from the original proposal.)

Julia de Burgos was one of the most talented poets of Puerto Rico. She was born as Julia Constancia Burgos García in the town of Carolina on February 17, 1914. Julia studied at the University of Puerto Rico and taught in the island’s public schools. Her first poems, published in 1937, were titled Poems Exactly to Myself and emphasized her intense lyricism and subjective mood. In 1938, she published Poems in Twenty Rows, followed a year later by Song of the Simple Truth. The two books established her reputation as one of the most outstanding contemporary poets not only in Puerto Rico, but also throughout the Spanish Caribbean. (Puerto Rico Online Encyclopedia, 2017)

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