The Puerto Rico Online Encyclopedia is an educational project, unique among the programs and services of the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities. Its purpose is to support and disseminate our history and identity as a people, as well as our collective memory.

It is a free, digital publication, with information in both Spanish and English, that serves to familiarize both Puerto Ricans and users from around the world with aspects of the society, history and culture of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region.

The information in the Encyclopedia is trustworthy and has been verified and documented by academic experts, scholars and researchers. It is organized around the humanities themes, as inscribed in the Endowment’s mission and philosophy, related to the environment, archaeology, the arts, the sciences, popular culture, sports, the economy, government, history and literature.


Three attractive trunks make up this educational program aimed mainly at the island’s public and private schools. The trunks present pieces from the popular arts, archaeology and the music of the tiple. They are accompanied by study guides that reinforce the teaching of these disciplines in the school curricula.

The popular arts trunk contains items ranging from rag dolls and toy tops and bowls made of higuera wood to replicas of masks from the Ponce carnival and figures that present the process of carving saints. Meanwhile, the archaeology trunk includes replicas of tools utilized by indigenous people in daily life, such as ritual hatchets in the form of Siamese twins, stone necklaces, three-point sculptures of gods, the ceremonial stools in human form and carved petroglyphs. The tiple trunk includes various examples of this musical instrument and compact discs.

The program is divided into three components: talks, training workshops and loans of the trunks. The training workshops and the talks about popular arts, archaeology and music can be requested from the FPH by non-profit institutions such as schools, community organizations, cultural centers and municipal offices.

The Traveling Trunks program is, without a doubt, a very effective educational tool that allows the community to see some of the historical and cultural aspects of Puerto Rico.


More than 100 documentaries, movies and/or short films on humanities topics make up the Endowment’s audiovisual collection. These videos are the result of the projects the Endowment has sponsored over the years. For a donation of just $3.00, you can borrow documentaries from the institution for a period of five days. They can be used by the schools, municipalities, community centers and the community in general to strengthen the study of history, culture, literature, music/composers, art, the role of women in society, general interest topics and biographies of distinguished individuals.

Some of the documentaries, movies or short films that are part of the Endowment’s audiovisual collection cover topics in history, culture, literature, art and music.