Approved Projects of the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities

Approved Projects

La vereda tropical / Down Where The Trade Winds Blow

American Institute of Architects, PR Chapter
Project Director: Benjamín Vargas
Sponsorship: $9,000-

To produce a cultural tourism map and design an internet portal to accompany the publication that will show the architectural structures that won awards in the AIA’s “Test of Time Award Program,” which recognizes buildings between 25 and 50 years old that have been maintained as designed. The map will contain a route that identifies these structures in Puerto Rico.

Integrating the Humanities into the Curriculum: Learning about the Migrations between Culebra and St. Croix, USVI

University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras
Project Director: Nadjah Ríos / Mirerza González
Sponsorship: $6,600-

To conduct a workshop about the role of the humanities in the school curriculum in which teachers from the Culebra schools will participate. The workshop will replicate the experience of one that was recently conducted with teachers in Vieques schools to celebrate Humanities Month in October.

The Urban Centers Speak

Project Director: Dalisa Cuevas Rosado
Sponsorship: $48,000-

To produce and broadcast thirteen half-hour programs on Sistema TV about urban centers that will show various historical and cultural aspects of the following towns: San Juan (2 programs), Ponce (2 programs), Bayamón, Caguas, Mayagüez, San Germán, Guayama, Humacao, Aguadilla and Vieques.  As a preamble, the series will include a program about the origin and the importance of urban centers. The purposes of the series are: a) to present the living spaces in which the men and women who create and spread our identity and our culture develop and live, as well as, b) to document and explain the evolution and physical geography of urban spaces and their relationship with the Puerto Rican culture.

The Spanish of Puerto Rico and the World

Puerto Rican Academy of the Spanish Language
Project Director: José Luis Vega
Sponsorship: $50,000-

To produce and broadcast twenty-five radio spots aimed at promoting the correct use of the Spanish language in the Puerto Rican setting and a series of five television programs in which various experts in the humanities will address topics related to the social, economic and cultural importance of our common language and the challenges raised by its unity and diversity. The purpose of this series of programs is to contribute, from a humanistic and linguistic perspective, toward building a place where we want to live by creating awareness about the international and national importance of the Spanish language in general and, in particular, encouraging awareness and correct usage of Puerto Rican Spanish in its Antillean dialectical form. Another project about the Puerto Rican dialect that was sponsored was Radio Spots on Awareness of Puerto Rican Spanish (FPH-16-09).

The Essentials: Issues for Understanding Puerto Rico Today

University of PR – Río Piedras, School of Communications
Project Director: Sylvia Álvarez Curbelo
Sponsorship: $12,450-

To produce and broadcast a series of thirteen one-hour radio programs on Radio Universidad and write and publish thirteen columns in the newspaper El Vocero on the same topics discussed on the radio. The columns will be published in book form, which will include the original interviews on a CD. The issues to be discussed are: physical health, mental health, economic development and labor, education, infrastructure, environment and energy, social inequality, culture, violence, violence against women, food security, urban life and the university. The theme of the series has been designed based on Puerto Ricans’ areas of interest, adopting in part the model proposed by the Scientific Research Council of Spain. The purpose of this project is to implement a relevant and responsible public communications model that keeps the citizenry duly informed and can appropriately support their opinions.

Puerto Rico in the Olympics, Past and Future

Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization
Project Director: Humberto Cintrón
Sponsorship: $3,000

To present ten lectures about the history of Puerto Rican involvement in the Olympics at schools and universities. To sponsor production of a book on the topic and to prepare a series of articles for the Puerto Rico Online Encyclopedia.

Post-production on a Documentary about Inés María Mendoza

Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation
Project Director: Julio E. Quirós Alcalá
Sponsorship: $20,000

To complete post-production work on a documentary about Inés María Mendoza to mark the centennial of her birth.  This documentary will show four facets of her life: as a child in Naguabo, a teacher passionately defending the Spanish language, as first lady and her proposals for cultural development, and as a woman of 80 years of age reviewing her life.

Critical Thought and Reading in Spanish: A Contemporary Perspective

University of Turabo
Project Director: Lorna Polo Alvarado/Beatriz Cruz Sotomayor
Sponsorship: $8,193

This project arose from concerns by the project leaders about the weak reading skills and the absence of critical thought shown by young university students. The project consists of three basic components: the publication of a manual on reading and critical thought; the creation of a blog to support the publication; and a series of workshops for teachers and students in the public schools. Once the manual is printed and the blog is available with the basic information, four high schools in the eastern region of Puerto Rico will be visited (Juncos, Las Piedras, Vieques and Culebra).  The manual will be distributed, the blog presented and the workshop offered in these schools.

Small Maneuvers: Centennial of the Birth of Virgilio Piñera

Río Piedras Artístic, Cultural and Academic Project
Project Director: Yolanda Izquierdo
Sponsorship: $13,395

To commemorate the first centennial of the birth of Cuban writer Virgilio Piñera over the course of two months.  This homage will include: public readings of texts by Piñera, academic forums and discussions about his life and work, productions of some of his theatrical works, photo exhibits and cinema forums.

Sugar Mills of Puerto Rico, 1873-2007

Inter-American University of Puerto Rico – Metropolitan Campus
Project Director: Pedro González Vélez
Sponsorship: $7,659

To update the content of the CD Sugar Mills 1873-1996 that was supported by the Endowment in the 1990s.  The CD-ROM module will be updated, information on the topic will be updated and photographs, drawings and location maps will be added. The content will also be disseminated on a web page on the Inter-American University website.

Publication of the Acts of the House of Delegates, First and Second Sessions of the Third Legislative Assembly, 1905-1906

Puerto Rican Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation
Project Director: Carmelo Delgado
Sponsorship:  $4,998

To publish the acts of the House of Delegates’ First Session of the Third Legislative Assembly of 1905 and the Second Session of the Third Legislative Assembly of 1906.  The book will be presented and a talk on the era will be offered at the Law School at the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

Elements of Immigration in Puerto Rico: Immigration and Repatriation of Corsicans, 19th Century

University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras
Project Director: Enrique Vivoni
Sponsorship: $19,923

As part of the development of the exhibit “Elements of Immigration in Puerto Rico: The Immigration and Repatriation of Corsicans during the 19th Century”  that is being organized for the summer of 2015 by the School of Architecture’s Architecture in Corsica Program, the work done to prepare the exhibit will be revealed on a blog and a timeline on Facebook.

The Towns of the West-Central Region and their History (19th and 20th Centuries)

University of Turabo
Project Director: Félix Huertas
Sponsorship: $15,000

To develop a series of conferences with the purpose of gathering a group of historians to share with students, history teachers and the general public their knowledge of the history of the West-Central region.

Illustrated History of Health Care Institutions in Puerto Rico, 19th and 20th Centuries

Museo de la Historia de la Medicina
Project Director: Eduardo Rodríguez Vázquez
Sponsorship: $20,000

A traveling exhibition will be prepared and displayed at various universities to tell the history of health care institutions in Puerto Rico. It will be accompanied by a series of conferences and the publication of a book that includes the information and images presented in the exhibit. The topics covered will be: charity under Spanish rule; the development of health care institutions from the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century; epidemics and diseases of the 19th and 20th centuries; and tropical medicine and its institutions.

Art and Trash

Museum of the Americas
Project Director: Sonia Cabanillas
Sponsorship: $18,650-

This project has the following purposes: to offer conferences and panel discussions on the topic of garbage and pollution from the perspective of the humanities; post-production work on a video about the creative work of artist Nick Quijano, who collects trash on the rocky beach of La Perla to use it to make works of art; and to produce a publication that compiles the lectures given. The projected audience includes the intellectual community, the G-8 and Pechaducha communities, and the students of Lincoln Elementary School in Old San Juan.

The Urban Centers Speak II

Project Director: Dalisa Cuevas
Sponsorship: $49,800

To produce and broadcast ten half-hour television programs with the same focus and structure as the first series of programs in The Urban Centers Speak (FPH-13-12).  The towns to be included in this section of the series are Barranquitas, Lares, Cabo Rojo, Loíza, Carolina, Aguadilla, Hatillo, Yabucoa, Bayamón and Utuado. As in the first series, among the structures to be included are public plazas, city halls, parish houses, market plazas, butcher shops, pharmacies, theaters, fire stations, and both stately homes and modest wooden houses.

Puerto Rico: puerta al paisaje

Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art
Project Director: Marianne Ramírez Aponte
Sponsorship: $44,900.00

To publish the essays, lectures and talks presented during the education and discussion activities associated with the exhibit Puerto Rico: puerta al paisaje. The exhibit is divided into two parts, one of which was inaugurated at the Museum of History, Anthropology and Art at the Río Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico on February 6, with the second part inaugurated at the Museum of Contemporary Art on March 1. Both exhibits remain open until the summer of 2013.

Useful Tools Vol. 2

Beta Local
Project Director: Michy Marxuach
Sponsorship: $19,403

To offer a series of talks, meetings and discussions to continue the work of Useful Tools I, sponsored by the Endowment. The project’s purpose is to continue discursive development through two rounds of events, each one with a series of talks at which humanities scholars from various disciplines will discuss and advance new relationships and understandings. The first round is called Learning from Experience and the second is called Moving toward Knowledge.  The two rounds will be compiled in a publication.

Cultural Guide – San Germán, The City of Hills

San Germán Recreation Society (History Museum)
Project Director: Juan E. Hernández Cruz
Sponsorship: $17,000

The proposal is to create a Cultural Route Guidebook for the town of San Germán. It will include the historic center of the city, as well as the middle-class suburbs and working-class neighborhoods.

City of the Waters: Memoirs of the Coastal Communities of the San Juan Bay Estuary

San Juan Bay Estuary Conservation Corporation
Project Director: Javier Laureano
Sponsorship: $20,000

The ultimate goal of this urban memory preservation project is to present the past of our natural heritage in the city of San Juan. Through oral history interviews, it will trace a route that will help us recover an image of the estuary’s natural resources. Telling this story will allow us to understand how society relates to a city that paradoxically depends on and is organized around the bodies of water, but at the same time turns its back to them. Discussions are planned at several universities about the topic of the book.

Post-production work on the documentary Circle of Memory

Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation
Project Director: Julio E. Quirós Alcalá
Sponsorship: $20,000

To complete post-production work on the documentary Circle of Memory, which was made by recording the memoir-writing workshops and interviews with people age 62 and older at the Trujillo Alto Multiple Services Center and the LMM Patitas Calientes group. In the first part of the project (FPH-39-12), the Endowment sponsored the workshops. This application is for preparing the audio-visual record of the attendees and how the workshops took place.

Friends, Let Us Raise Our Voices: Puerto Rican School for Girls, 1913-2013

Puerto Rican School for Girls
Project Director: Giannina Delgado Caro
Sponsorship: $15,913-

To mark the centenary of the Puerto Rican School for Girls in 2013, a traveling exhibition will be prepared to promote reflection and discussion about the history of women’s education in Puerto Rico.  The proposal consists of two support components to the traveling exhibition: offering five public talks and creating a digital archive of historical documents about the founding of the school.

Rights and Democracy

Puerto Rico Center for Investigative Journalism
Project Director: Laura Candelas
Sponsorship: $20,000

Seven video clips of three to five minutes will be produced about the fundamental civil rights of Puerto Rican society. The rights that will be included in these messages are based on the Bill of Rights in Article II of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The following rights are the main themes of the messages: the right to vote and access to information, the right to free speech and a free press, the right to education, the right to free association, the right of the accused to have fair judicial processes, the rights of minors and the rights of workers.

Spreading the Legacy of Arturo Morales Carrión Through Digitalization of his Work

Inter-American University of Puerto Rico – San Germán Campus
Project Director: Marta Bernal Jiménez
Sponsorship: $20,000

The purpose of this project is to digitalize and make available online the Series II: Papers of the Government of Puerto Rico by the Arturo Morales Carrión Center for Historical Documentation at the San Germán campus. The total collection consists of 10 series. Once it is digitalized, Series II will be placed on the DSpace platform of Inter-American University’s Information Access Centers to allow online access.

Coordination of the editing of the collection La experiencia mística

Centro de Estudios Avanzados de Puerto Rico y el Caribe
Sponsorship: $3,000

To coordinate the editing of the book La experiencia mística desde las ínsulas extrañas, a collection. This book will show that Puerto Rico has scholars of mystic phenomenon that are the equal of the most prestigious scholars of the topic in the world.


SJ ACtors Studio and Workshop, Inc.
Project Director: Luis Antonio Rosario
Sponsorship: $3,000

To preserve the film of the medium-length movie Cimarrón, an audio-visual project originally sponsored by the Endowment in 1982. This will facilitate its transfer to a HDMaster to allow production of high definition copies.

Lecture Series: The Sports Art Legacy of Lorenzo Homar

Caribbean University Museum of Art
Project Director: Hiromi Shiba
Sponsorship: $10,801

In support of the exhibition Lorenzo Homar’s Contributions to Sports Art, a series of lectures and discussions will be held to discuss works of art related to sports by the artist, as well as his interest in the topic.

Series of Architectural Tours: Puerto Rican-Built Heritage

Foundation for Architecture
Project Director: Carola Ballester
Sponsorship: $4,971

To offer informational tours to the public interested in learning about the historical, cultural and architectural significance of these four structures: the Casa del Rey in Dorado, the General Archives and Library in San Juan, the Pontifical School in Ponce and the Sacred Heart University Chapel in San Juan. 

San José Church, Outside the Wall

San Juan Monuments Board
Project Director: Diana Luna
Sponsorship: $10,000

To prepare an exhibition to be placed along the wall on the southern façade of the Church, facing Plaza San José, about the process of restoring the structure. Included in the exhibition will be current photos of the church’s interior, a historical synopsis and a description in graphic form of the restoration process that was done. Illustrated talks, using parts of the exhibition, will also be offered in various schools.

Seminar on the Folklore of Puerto Rico

Casa Paoli
Project Director: Néstor Murrau
Sponsorship: $2,400

To offer a four-day seminar at the Guánica Cultural Center to train participants how to gather information through interviews on the following topics: oral literature, the contributions of women to folklore, and folk medicine.

Critical Reading and Thinking in Spanish: A Contemporary Perspective – Phase 2

University of Turabo
Project Director: Lorna I. Polo Alvarado
Sponsorship: $11,772.00

The purpose is to continue the experience of Project FPH-45-12 Critical Reading and Thinking in Spanish: A Contemporary Perspective, begun in August 2012, that served school communities in the eastern part of Puerto Rico. This phase would serve schools in the eastern and southern zones with the goal of encouraging an appreciation for reading and promoting critical thinking. The second phase will consist of four components: publish a revised and expanded version of the manual for critical reading and thinking; maintain and continue a blog that supports the publication; offer a series of workshops to teachers and students from twelve public schools; and create a contest for critical reading and thinking.

Acts of the House of Delegates, First and Second Sessions of the Fourth Legislative Assembly, 1907 – 1908

Puerto Rican Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation
Project Director: Carmelo Delgado
Sponsorship: $5,300.00

The project proposes to publish the Acts of the House of Delegates of the First and Second Sessions of the Fourth Legislative Assembly of 1907 to 1908 and offer several lectures about the era and the content of the Acts at the University of Puerto Rico Law School at the Río Piedras campus and at other entities. The Endowment supported the publication of the Acts of the House of Delegates of the First and Second Sessions of the Third Legislative Assembly 1905-1906 (FPH-49-12).

Sabana Grande, Architectural-Cultural Tour

Dr. Manuel Quevedo Báez Cultural Center
Project Director: Sonia Rodríguez Rosado
Sponsorship: $12,000.00

To celebrate the bicentennial of the founding of the town of Sabana Grande, the proposal would publish a book that describes a tour that illustrates the historical buildings, sites of interest, customs and traditions of Sabana Grande, as well as the town’s artisans.

The Antillean

Caserío Films
Project Director: Tito Román Rivera
Sponsorship: $20,000.00

Post-production work on a video about Ramón Emeterio Betances. This work will answer the following questions: What do we know of his history? Why is Betances not better known in Puerto Rico? Why is it important for us to know his work?

Luz in Latin America

Moviola Productions
Project Director: LorimirCouret
Sponsoship: $19,100.00

Post-production work on a documentary about a young Puerto Rican, a star in the sport of bodyboarding, that tells the history and culture of this sport in Puerto Rico and the ethical values inspired by it. These values are shown in the social initiatives that use the bodyboard as a centerpiece for those on the island who participate in a network of local and Latin American athletes.

Online Treasury of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Academy of the Spanish Language
Maia Sherwood
Sponsorship: $20,000

The purpose of this project is to place all of the content of the publication Lexicographic Treasury of the Spanish of Puerto Rico in an electronic reference that is accessible to the public free of charge on the internet.

The Museum Garden

Puerto Rico Museum of Art
Project Director: Doreen Colón Camacho
Sponsorship: $5,100

This project is aimed at explaining botanical facts about the species of flora in the museum garden and connecting them with aspects of our history and culture.

The Figueroa Family: A Musical Dynasty

Artistic Partners
Jorge Flynn
Sponsorship: $19,925

Post-production work on a 90-minute documentary that explores the musical work, over three centuries, of the Figueroa family. This documentary was created to celebrate the 80th year of the Figueroa-Sanabria Brothers Quintet Foundation in 2015.

Musical Map of Puerto Rico

Metropolitan University
Hugo R. Viera Vargas
Sponsorship: $12,100

The purpose of this project is to create a web page with systematic information about the historical development of Puerto Rican popular music between 1850 and today. The project will include informative capsules complemented with historical information, scores, visual materials and musical performances.

Children at the Service of Puerto Rico’s Architectural Heritage

Foundation for Architecture
Sponsorship: $19,300

Produce a visual presentation resulting from research into 80 architectural landmarks in San Juan and Santurce to be made available on a blog. Additionally, presentations about our historical and architectural heritage and its preservation will be created for school audiences. The presentation and lectures will be offered in various public schools in the Metropolitan Area.

Outstanding Humanists

WMTJ/Ana G. Méndez System TV Channel
Dalissa Cuevas
Sponsorship: $18,100

To develop, produce and broadcast 13 educational, 30-second spots about the lives and work of a variety of humanists and their contributions to, and impact on, a variety of intellectual disciplines. In each spot, a humanist will offer information about a late humanist. This will allow the presentation of the work of 26 humanists.

Lighthouses of Puerto Rico

Sacred Heart University
Carmen Ana Miranda
Sponsorship: $13,880

Post-production work on a 60-minute documentary that that shows and describes the twelve lighthouses of Puerto Rico. The documentary presents the history, the architecture, the natural resources and the historical journals of the people who lived in the lighthouses.

Lecture Series: The Sports Art Legacy of Lorenzo Homar

Caribbean University Museum of Art
Project Director: Hiromi Shiba
Sponsorship: $10,801

In support of the exhibition Lorenzo Homar’s Contributions to Sports Art, a series of lectures and discussions will be held to discuss works of art related to sports by the artist, as well as his interest in the topic.

Prisms for History: An Approach to Puerto Rico’s History through its Art (18th Century to 1959)

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Flavia Marichal Lugo
Sponsorship: $19,984

The end goal of this project is to teach history by exploring historical events in Puerto Rico as they have been depicted in Puerto Rican art. A book will be published that will include study guides for levels 4 to 6, middle school and high school for teaching history using the works of art as a main resource. The study guides and the images of the works used in the book will be included on a CD that will accompany the book. Fifteen public schools will be visited to offer lectures on studying history through art (a copy of the book on CD will be provided).

Cinema Puerto Rico: A Visual Anthropology

Productions Zaranda
Mariel C. Marrero
Sponsorship: $12,465

Post-production work on a 90-minute documentary that investigates the past and present of Puerto Rican cinematography to explore the art of telling fictional and documentary stories on film, as well as how these films become part of our lives, memories as a people, and the ways they are told. The documentary invites the public, both academic and popular, to relate to key films, moments, groups and figures in the development of Puerto Rican cinema and the perception of the society they project.

“They Will Call Me Poet:” Julia de Burgos

University of Puerto Rico – Humacao
Project Director: Marcos Reyes Dávila
Sponsorship: $17,130

To celebrate the centennial of the birth of Julia de Burgos with a Symposium in which her work will be analyzed and discussed.


Minutes of the House of Delegates, First and Second Sessions of the Fifth Legislative Assembly 1909-1910

Puerto Rican Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation
Project Director: Carmelo Delgado
Sponsorship: $5,300

To publish the Minutes of the House of Delegates First and Second Sessions of the Fifth Legislative Assembly of 1909 and 1910 and to offer lectures about the era and the content of the Minutes at the Law School at the Río Piedras campus of the University of Puerto Rico and other entities. The Endowment sponsored the publication of the Minutes of the House of Delegates of 1905 – 1906 (FPH-49-12) and 1907 – 1908 (FPH-13-14).


Humanists for Peace: Creation and Dissemination of a Digital Narrative about Non-Violence and Solidarity

Martin Luther King, Jr. Roundtable
Project Director: Ixza Casillas
Sponsorship: $16,200

The project has three purposes: (1) to design a series of three educational modules, using digital narratives, that will be available on the Roundtable’s website, (2) to train a minimum of 300 teachers and/or advisors, so they can use the material in the schools with students ages 13 to 17, and (3) to create a Humanists for Peace page within the existing Roundtable website to encourage non-violence and solidarity.

Book Fair

Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
Project Director: María I. Chaparro
Sponsorship: $5,245

To hold a book fair on the grounds of the Catholic University for the purpose of promoting and developing the habit of reading among the residents of the southern part of Puerto Rico. Twelve speakers and panelists will participate and the talks will be published.


Outstanding Humanists II

WMTJ/Ana G. Méndez University System TV
Project Director: Lydia Figueroa
Sponsorship: $9,940

To develop, produce and broadcast twelve, 60-second educational spots about the lives and works of the various humanists and their contributions or impact on various intellectual disciplines. This project completes the project FPH-29-14 with the purpose of including all of the Endowment’s Humanists of the Year.


First Congress on African Heritage in Puerto Rico

African Heritage in Puerto Rico
Project Director: Doris Quiñones Hernández
Sponsorship: $6,800

To hold a Congress in which scholars, human rights advocates, artists and community leaders contribute to the understanding of the topic of African heritage.


Key Concepts in Western History

University of the East
Project Director: Manuel S. Almeida Rodríguez
Sponsorship: $3,412-

Conduct a three-session seminar for a group of twenty high school history teachers from the Carolina region about the concepts of equality, freedom and democracy.


The Urban Centers Speak III

WMTJ/Ana G. Méndez University System TV
Project Director: Glamaris Valentín
Sponsorship: $20,000

The project consists of producing and broadcasting four half-hour programs on the urban centers of Sabana Grande and Guánica, Hatillo and Camuy, Aguada and Rincón, and Loíza and Río Grande, on Ana G. Méndez University System TV. The programs will show historical and cultural aspects of each municipality following the format used for the 23 programs of The Urban Centers Speak I and II. The purposes of this series are a) to present the living spaces where the men and women who create and share our identity and culture develop and co-exist, as well as b) to document and explain the evolution and physical situation of the urban spaces and their relationship with Puerto Rican culture.


Second National Congress of Dramaturgy

Cuarzo Blanco
Project Director: Adriana Pantoja
Sponsorship: $6,600

Convene a two-day conference of dramatists, editors and theater critics to discuss issues of importance related to the publication of theatrical works and the invisible force behind Puerto Rican female dramatists. A session will be held with dramatic readings from contemporary Puerto Rican dramaturgy.


The Muñoz Marín of Rodón: Art Through History and History Through Art

Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation
Project Director: Julio E. Quirós Alcalá
Sponsorship: $9,700

Hold various activities to facilitate a dual reflection on two important figures in 20th century Puerto Rican political history and art: Luis Muñoz Marín and Francisco Rodón. The relationship between the two figures, their lives and experiences through the work Portrait of  Luis Muñoz Marín by the master Rodón, and discussion about the work itself are the vehicle for exploring and expanding on a variety of topics discussed both at the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and the Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation.

Open House: 60 Years of Encounters among Artists, Humanists and the Community at Casa del Libro


Casa del Libro Library Museum

Project Director: Alix Ferrer Yulfo

Sponsoship: $7,075

To conduct a series of cultural and educational activities for the community consisting of special programming for Humanities Month. Illustrated lectures, creative workshops and school programming about the art of the book, the Casa del Libro and its relation to the humanities will take place.


Necessary Words: The Festival of the Word Goes to School


Libroamérica Literary Salon in Puerto Rico

Project Director: Neeltje van Marissing

Sponsorship: $15,850

Writers who are presenting at the Festival of the Word will visit a total of 40 schools to talk about reading and writing. A CD with information about all of the writers and representative texts from their work will be distributed at these activities.

Luisa Geigel, the Artist in the City: Painter, Sculptor, Athenian, Genealogist, Bibliophile, Professor and Mentor

University of Turabo
Project Director: Carmen T. Ruiz
Sponsorship: $14,230.47

To recount the life and the work of visual artist Luisa Geigel Brunet, who was known as one of the first and most outstanding artists of the first half of the 20th century. A book and lectures discussing the book will support an exhibition to be presented at the Museum.


The Cartographic Journey of Lieutenant William H. Armstrong, 1908-1912

University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras Campus
Project Director: María Dolores Luque
Sponsorship $20,000

The purpose of the project is to produce a book that will preserve and display a collection of documents and maps produced by an officer of the U.S. Army in his mapping trip through about 30 towns in Puerto Rico in the early 20th century.


Electronic Poetry in Puerto Rico: Revealing the Future of the Word

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Project Director: Leonardo Flores Feliciano
Sponsorship: $11,743

To promote electronic poetry through the redesign of the web page I love E-Poetry in Spanish, to produce educational resources and to offer talks in schools in the western area.


Sandulce, the Book-Mural

FonTrelles, Inc.
Project Director: Francisco Font Acevedo
Sponsorship: $18,959.84

The goal is to create, literally and symbolically, a pictorial narrative of Santurce that will make it possible to read and understand part of the neighborhood’s history, from its founding as San Mateo de Cangrejos, through its transformation into Santurce, its peak as a commercial and cultural center, its era of decline, and up to its current time of fragmentary revitalization. Twenty-two large images will be installed on walls located in various parts of the neighborhood.


Dialogues with/about Jaime Suárez on Pottery, the Theater, Architecture and the City

Al Calce, Inc.
Project Director: Jorge Rigau
Sponsorship: $19,748.56

To celebrate the artist Jaime Suárez as a multidisciplinary humanist of international significance. He has explored various forms of creativity, such as pottery, architecture, wardrobe and set design, and urban sculptures.


We Sing the Décima: Series of Documentary Capsules on the Tradition of the Espinel Décima in Puerto Rico

Lente Roto Productions
Project Director: Margarita Aponte Rivera
Sponsorship: $16,760

Post-production on a series of capsules in documentary format about the tradition of the Espinel décima in Puerto Rico. It consists of four documentaries with an estimated length of ten minutes each. They will present one of the cultural displays most closely identified with us, covering everything from the music to improvisation, from the written form to the singing.